About us

Biyomap was created in 2009 with the idea to make the shipping, transportation and storage of pieces of art a lot easier and more time efficient, and thereby cost-effective.

The creator of Biyomap, artist Yolanda Philippens, had been annoyed for years with the piles of trash that remained after art fairs. The dreamt about the solution.

Yolanda about this: ‘I am actually always concerned about how I can make things easier and more sustainable. At every art fair I was surprised to see the huge mountain of bubble wrap that remains as waste. But just like every artist, I was just enjoying my craft and I didn’t have the ambition or the money to do something about it myself. An investor made my dream a reality and we could start working on the execution of the Biyomap.

To simplify ordering Biyomaps, the creation of a Biyomap-Webshop was a logical consequence.

Nicer, reusable and 100% recyclable 
The Biyomap is cheaper than bubble wrap and is 100% recyclable.

‘During the testing of the folders, fellow artists and I found out that they also provide better protection than bubble wrap. My initial goal was to create a nice folder that people would want to keep. And we succeeded in that’.


Annually, over 150.000 rolls of bubble wrap are used and thrown away in the world of art. This causes a huge amount of waste. Therefore, the BIYOMAP was created, the perfect replacement for environmentally harmful bubble wrap. Biyomap is a new sustainable and reusable way of packing paintings, developed by and for artists. Sustainable, easy in use and provides maximum protection. Packing and unpacking will be a piece of cake!

Discount code for artists and galleries

Galleries and artists can receive a discount with a special discount code.
Apply for this by sending an email to
together with your VAT number or web address and we will send you the special code.
In 2010 BIYOMAP was nominated for the "Gouden Kans 2010", the most prestigious prize for the most innovative entrepreneur in North Holland. "Het Kansen Kanon" awarded this nomination to BIYOMAP for its environmentally friendly packing for paintings.