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BIYOMAP nominated for Gouden Kans 2010

The environmentally friendly packaging for paintings as a replacement for bubble wrap. 

 Amsterdam, September 13, 2010 – BIYOMAP is nominated for the Gouden Kans 2010, the most prestigious prize for the most innovative entrepreneur in North Holland. The Kansenkanon awarded this nomination to BIYOMAP for its reusable, environmentally friendly painting packaging as an alternative for the environmentally damaging bubble wrap. The final takes place on October 14, 2010. The internet election in which BIYOMAP competes for the popularity prize with nine other nominated entrepreneurs starts off today.

The Biyomap is a new environmentally friendly packaging for paintings, developed by BIYOMAP BV. This folder replaces the environmentally damaging bubble wrap to store and transport art in. annually, 150,000 rolls of bubble wrap are used and trashed in the art world. The Biyomap is made of at least 50% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. In addition, the folder is microporous, water-repellent, oxygen-free and cost-effective.

Exciting final October 14

The innovation is judged on originality, degree of innovation, its chances of success and the way the organisation puts itself on the map with the innovation. As a nominee, BIYOMAP will compete in the final of the Gouden Kans 2010 in Undercurrent Spaces (NDSM-werf, Amsterdam-North) on October 14. The theme of the final is: Entrepreneur: know your strength! BIYOMAP will use an elevator pitch to show what the success factor is and what distinguishes the company from the other competitors. The jury decides the winner.

UPDATE: BIYOMAP was one of the 5 finalists, a big achievement!

Gouden Kans

The Gouden Kans is the innovation award of the Kansenkanon. Syntens, the province of North Holland, the city of Amsterdam and the European Funds for Regional Development use the Kansenkanon to stimulate entrepreneurs from small and medium sized businesses to come up with innovative opportunities and to seize them.


Annually, over 150.000 rolls of bubble wrap are used and thrown away in the world of art. This causes a huge amount of waste. Therefore, the BIYOMAP was created, the perfect replacement for environmentally harmful bubble wrap. Biyomap is a new sustainable and reusable way of packing paintings, developed by and for artists. Sustainable, easy in use and provides maximum protection. Packing and unpacking will be a piece of cake!

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In 2010 BIYOMAP was nominated for the "Gouden Kans 2010", the most prestigious prize for the most innovative entrepreneur in North Holland. "Het Kansen Kanon" awarded this nomination to BIYOMAP for its environmentally friendly packing for paintings.