Packing and unpacking will be a piece of cake!


Biyomap is a new sustainable way of packing paintings. The Biyomap replaces the inconvenient and unsustainable bubble wrap that is used to store and transport art. The Biyomap consists of a minimum of 50% recycled material and can be entirely recycled. Furthermore, the Biyomap is water-resistant, breathable, acid and dust-free and cost saving. Moreover, by using the Biyomap you will help minimalize waste. Annually, over 150.000 rolls of bubble wrap are used and thrown away in the world of art. The Biyomap is provided with a green label.

Reusable, cost saving and space-saving

Biyomap is easily foldable and therefore space-saving, where bubble wrap has much more volume and is not easy to adjust in size. BIYOMAP is available in 14 different sizes which are easily recognizable because of the colored borders, even when folded.


Water-resistant, breathable, and scratchproof.

Space-saving, acid and dust-free during storage and transport.


Handy velcrostrap, adjustable to different heights. Provided with a transparent A4 folder for valuable information.

BIYOMAP is a classy solution that ensures maximum protection and can be printed with your own personal logo.



Keep the painting hanging on the wall and wrap it with the Biyomap from beneath. Lift the painting and the Biyomap all together from the wall. Ready to go!



Do you have a landscape format painting, just use two Biyomaps. Wrap the painting with one Biyomap on each side and attach with the velcro straps.


The Biyomap can be used for sending as well.